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Director’s announcement to website users

Public Agency of for Railway Transport the Republic of Slovenia has been operating as a national safety authority since 2007. Its tasks are to provide the right conditions for safe operation of the rail system in the Republic of Slovenia.

The safety conditions of the rail system are established through systems of operational safety, through an operator and a transport operator, through control over the operational safety systems as well as through system control of safe operational start of rail subsystems. One of our tasks is the recognition of the training and examination centres for training of subjects, implementing essential rail safety tasks, as well as overseeing the register of railway vehicles, issuing train driver licences and managing register of the latter, and checking the competence of workshops for the maintenance of railway vehicles. Further, the competence of entities in charge of maintenance on railway vehicles is also checked.  The tasks of national point of contact regarding the telematics applications for passenger transport as well as for freight transport are being implemented as well as the coordination of preparation of national plans of implementation of technical specifications. When carrying out the tasks we follow the set short-term as well as long-term aims to the point, and upgrade them accordingly, based on the gained knowledge, in the future. Our actions ensure the users to receive  the high-quality service we provide as quick as possible, taking into account the rational use of all human resources as well as financial resources.

Priorities and aims have been set and will be followed up through our work and will be updated with the gained knowledge within the work programme and internal implemented strategies.

Main priorities are as follows:  

  • Continual improvement of our services for our users (in the field of safety certificates, safety authorisations, system operational start, licences, etc.).
  • Continual improvement of system control of safety management implementing the system, based on potential risks.
  • International cooperation with foreign safety licence and certificate authority in the field of control. 
  • Cooperation in establishing of comparable national rules consistent with the EU regulative with the cooperation of ERA.

Renewed website is the first step in bringing our activities closer to the general public as well as simplifying the access to information for all users that require them. In the future we plan to progressively approach the system of e-operation, making our activities even more optimised.  

An e-mail account has been established which you can use to send your questions, proposals and initiatives to us.

I wish all website users to find the required information in our work field thus making their work substantially easier.

mag. Benjamin Steinbacher Pušnjak


Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport
Kopitarjeva 5
2000 Maribor

VAT number: 19339496
Registration number: 1834452000

Secretariat: +386 (0)2 234 14 27
Fax: +386 (0)2 234 14 52
E-mail: gp.azp@azp.si

Official hours:
Monday and Friday: 9h - 12h
Wednesday: 9h - 12h, 14h - 16h