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Data Filling System

Public Agency for Railway Transport of the Republic of Slovenia holds a record of the following personal data filing systems:

  1. Employees’ record.
  2. Payment record.
  3. Record about injuries at work.
  4. Record of medical examinations.
  5. Record of safety at work training and fire protection training
  6. Record of training for safe moving in the railway areas.  
  7. Employees’ training record.
  8. Record of agency’s council members
  9. Video record
  10. Train driver’s licence register

Data filling system overview


Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport
Kopitarjeva 5
2000 Maribor

VAT number: 19339496
Registration number: 1834452000

Secretariat: +386 (0)2 234 14 27
Fax: +386 (0)2 234 14 52
E-mail: gp.azp@azp.si

Official hours:
Monday and Friday: 9h - 12h
Wednesday: 9h - 12h, 14h - 16h