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Public information catalogue

The right to know

The right to know and the right to access public information are an essential and an effective tool in striving for an open and transparent operation of general public services. The information access is thus the very first condition that ensures the supervision of public authority thus ensuring the responsibility it carries towards its citizens.

However, the right to access public information is a multiple right. Among public information’s functions there are:

  • Democratic function implemented from deliberated democracy models.
  • Supervisory function stressing the right of the citizens to indirect control of the public division.
  • Economic function, dealing with economic value of public information and potential added value in combining these. 
  • Function of updating the public sector referring mainly to computerisation of public information access through initiatives to develop national portals of e-administration.    

Information abundance 

Public sector institutions have the power of disposal of vast quantities of information that have a high economic value. Therefore, the public information abundance by far must not be taken lightly and can substantially contribute to the quality of individuals’ lives and to the competition of Slovene economy.  

Public information

In compliance with the act that regulated the public information access, the public information is defined as “...an information deriving from authority’s field of work, in a form of a document, a subject, a file, a register, a record or any other document  that was drawn up by the authority itself, in cooperation with other authority, or received it from other persons.

Public information are freely available to all who require them.

Entities liable for transmission of public information

In first paragraph of Article 1 of the Public Information Access Act (OG RS, No. 51/06 – officially consolidated text, 117/06 – ZdavP-2 [1], 23/14, 50/14 and 19/15 – ruling of the US [2] and 102/15) the persons liable for transmission of public information are listed, as follows:   

  • Public authorities.
  • Local community authorities.
  • Public agencies.
  • Public funds and other public law entities.
  • Institutions bearing powers conferred by public law.
  • Providers of public services.
  • Entities liable under dominating influence of public law entities.

In compliance with the indicated the Public Agency for Railway Transport of the Republic of Slovenia is liable for public information transmission.  

Official responsible for transmission of public information: Bachelor of Laws. Boštjan REISP - gp.azp@azp.si

PROCEDURE, APPLICATION FOR TRANSMISSION OF PUBLIC INFORMATION, COMPULSORY CONTENT, DECISION TIME PERIODS, AND OTHER INFORMATION regarding the access of public information are published in detailed on the website of Commissioner for Access to Public Information, which is on its own an authority, handling complaints against the decision of the authority on the access of public information i.e., when the authority does not make a decision on a submitted application in the time period of 20 working days since the submission of complete application of the applicant (administrative silence). The link to the Commissioner for Access to Public Information website -    https://www.ip-rs.si/

[1] Zakon o davčnem postopku = Tax Procedure Act

[2] Ustavno sodišče = Constitutional court


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