Javna agencija za železniški
promet Republike Slovenije


The AŽP carries out the tasks of:
– a safety authority,
– a certification body,
– an assessment authority,
– a licensing authority, and
– an inspection and misdemeanour authority.

In order to exercise its public authority, the AŽP issues general acts and administrative decisions, mainly in the field of safety certification, safety authorisation, licensing, certification of train drivers, certification of entities in charge of maintenance and authorisation for placing in service.

The AŽP keeps registers of railway vehicles, train driving licenses issued, training and examination centres and examiners of train drivers.

The Railway Transport Safety Act sets out the jurisdiction of the authorised persons of the AŽP with regard to the supervision and action to be taken by the authorised persons of the AŽP. In addition to the responsibilities provided for in the above-mentioned act, the authorised persons of the AŽP also have responsibilities deriving from the provisions of the Inspection Act.

In enforcing its jurisdiction, it also cooperates with institutions of the European Union, in particular with the EU Agency for Railways, based in Valenciennes, France.
Through its activities, the AŽP ensures the conditions for safe operation, functioning and interoperability of the railway system in the Republic of Slovenia.


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