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Annual safety report

By 31 May each year, the infrastructure manager, the entity performing the functions of the infrastructure manager and the railway undertakings shall submit to the safety authority an annual safety report for the previous calendar year.
The content of the safety report is prescribed by Article 10 of the Railway Transport Safety Act and must include:
  • information on how CSTs are met and the results of contingency plans to manage them;
  • a description of the development of national safety indicators;
  • the results of an internal safety auditing;
  • observations on deficiencies and malfunctions in transport performance and infrastructure management;
  • a report on the application of the CSMs.
On the basis of the safety reports received, the safety authority shall prepare and publish on its website an annual safety report and send it to ERA by 30 September at the latest.
The content of the annual safety report prepared by the safety authority is prescribed by Article 17 of the Railway Transport Safety Act and includes information on:
  • the development of railway safety, including the aggregation of common safety indicators at national level;
  • important changes in legislation and regulations concerning railway safety;
  • developments in granting a single safety certificate and safety authorisation;
  • the findings and experience regarding the control of the infrastructure manager and railway undertakings, including the number and results of inspection procedures;
  • derogations from the system of certification of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons;
  • the experience of the railway undertakings and the infrastructure manager in the use of the CSM.

The annual safety report shall be submitted to the safety authority in written and electronic form  (gp.azp@azp.si) using a single
form, of which Annex 1 is an integral part.

Safety reports issued


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