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Authorisation of the examiners of train drivers

The authorisation of the examiner of train drivers shall be granted to a natural person who carries out the examination of train drivers or candidates for train drivers on a programme-by-programme basis:

  1. general professional knowledge,
  2. professional knowledge relating to rolling stock,
  3. professional knowledge of infrastructure,
  4. language skills.

The examiners must meet the conditions laid down in the Commission Decision on criteria for the recognition of training centres involved in the training of train drivers, on criteria for the recognition of examiners of train drivers and on criteria for the organisation of examinations in accordance with Directive 2007/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council 2011/765/EU (OJ L 314, 29.11.2011, p. 36).

The purpose of the authorisation procedure is to provide reasonable assurance that applicants conducting train driver/candidate driver examinations have fulfilled their obligations to ensure that train driver/candidate driver examinations are conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The authorisation of the examiner of train drivers may be granted for a maximum period of five years. It can be extended or amended, or its scope can be supplemented.


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