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Railway vehicle registration

Railway vehicles that have been authorised for placing on the market must be registered in the European Vehicle Register (EVR) before first use, at the request of the keeper. The registration of vehicles in the EVR is managed at national level. Railway vehicles whose area of use is limited to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia shall be registered in the Republic of Slovenia. In cases where the area of use extends beyond the Republic of Slovenia to the territory of other Member States of the European Union, the keeper of the railway vehicle may choose the country in which to register the rail vehicle. There can only be one valid registration for a given vehicle in the register. A vehicle without a valid registration must not operate on the EU railway network.

The EVR is used to check whether a vehicle is duly registered; to obtain information on authorisations for placing on the market and area of use, conditions of use and other restrictions; to find an indication of the approved vehicle type to which the vehicle conforms; and to identify the keeper, owner or entity in charge of maintenance.

The following entities have a right of access to data in the EVR:
  • keepers,
  • entities in charge of maintenance (ECM),
  • owners,
  • railway undertakings,
  • infrastructure manager,
  • fleet managers,
  • investigation body,
  • EC declaration of verification issuing body.


A single entity may access the data as set out in point 3.3.2 of Annex II to Decision (EU) 2018/1614.

Direct access to the EVR is available at https://evr.era.europa.eu/Login/?ReturnUrl=%2f. For more detailed information on EVR and access options, visit https://www.azp.si/en/european-vehicle-register/.

The keeper of a railway vehicle shall immediately notify the safety authority of any change in the information contained in the vehicle register, the destruction of the vehicle or their decision to no longer register the vehicle.

In the event of a change of keeper or ECM, the previous keeper or ECM shall be removed from the register and discharged from liability only when it is clearly demonstrated who is acting as the new keeper or ECM. If no one confirms the acceptance of the new keeper or ECM status, the registration of the vehicle will be temporarily suspended, meaning that such a vehicle may not operate on the European railway network.

* EVN (European Vehicle Number)

Each railway vehicle receives a numerical identifier—the 12-digit European Vehicle Number (EVN)­—at the time of registration, the structure of which is set out in Appendix 6 of Decision (EU) 2018/1614. In the case of new vehicles or changes to an existing EVN, it is possible to reserve a (new) EVN. For a reservation, an application is addressed to the AŽP containing the technical characteristics of the vehicle on the basis of which the EVN can be determined. Applications may be submitted in writing by post or in person (to: Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport–Javna agencija za železniški promet Republike Slovenije, Kopitarjeva ulica 5, Maribor) or by e-mail to gp.azp@azp.si.


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