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Licensing of railway undertakings

In order to provide rail transport services, the railway undertaking must obtain a licence. A licence is an authorisation issued by a licensing authority to an undertaking, by which its capacity to provide rail transport services as a railway undertaking is recognised a railway. The licence does not, in itself, entitle the holder to access the railway infrastructure.
The licence shall be valid for as long as the railway undertaking fulfils the obligations laid down in national law and the regulations issued pursuant to it.
Where a railway undertaking has ceased operations for six months or has not started operations within six months of the grant of a licence, the licensing authority may decide that the licence shall be required to be resubmitted for approval or be suspended.
An undertaking which fulfils the requirements set out in national law shall be authorised to receive a licence. The requirements for obtaining a licence must be met by the railway undertaking throughout the period of validity of the licence.
Where a railway undertaking intends to significantly change or extend its activities, its licence shall be resubmitted to the licensing authority for review.
In this case, the licensing authority shall re-examine the conditions for obtaining the licence. If the conditions for obtaining a licence are met, the licensing authority shall issue a decision amending the decision already issued granting the licence or, if the conditions for obtaining the licence are not met, suspend or revoke the licence.

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