Javna agencija za železniški
promet Republike Slovenije

Train driver licence

An applicant can be a natural person who meets the following conditions:

a) at least 20 years of age,*

b) at least a level of education acquired in educational programmes leading to the award of a secondary education or a secondary technical education classified at level 5 of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework under the law governing the Slovenian Qualifications Framework,**

c) completed examination on general professional knowledge of a recognised examination centre for train drivers and drivers of track vehicles. The list of recognised examination centres for train drivers and drivers of track vehicles is available on the AŽP website (Register of centres).

d) meets specific medical conditions as demonstrated by a medical certificate issued by an approved medical examiner for train drivers. (Information and a list of approved medical examiners for train drivers can be obtained from the Ministry of Health of the RS.) 

*A train driving licence may also be issued (subject to the fulfilment of conditions set out in points b, c and d) to an applicant who has reached the age of 18, but such a licence is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

**A train driving licence may also be issued (subject to the fulfilment of conditions set out in points a, c and d) to an applicant with a level 4 education (secondary vocational education), but only for the driving of category A traction units (as defined in Annex II of Regulation 36/2010/EC).

The procedure for issuing a train driving licence is managed and ultimately decided by the national safety authority (AŽP).

Applicants must submit their application for a train driving licence using the Application for a train driving licence (“Vloga za izdajo dovoljenja za strojevodjo”) form. For the first issue of a train driving licence, the applicant must also fill out the Authorisation to process personal data (“Dovoljenje za obdelavo osebnih podatkov”) form. Applicants shall send their application for a train driving licence by registered post or submit it in person at the reception of the head office of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport–Javna agencija za železniški promet Republike Slovenije, Kopitarjeva ulica 5, 2000 Maribor–during office hours. A representative–employer may also submit an application on behalf of the applicant. In this case, the applicant must authorise their employer by completing the Authorisation for submission of applications (“Pooblastilo za vložitev vloge”) form.

The compulsory annexes to be attached to an application for a train driving licence vary according to the type of application. To this end, in order to facilitate the examination of the necessary annexes and the processing of the application, it is obligatory to attach a completed form Annex to the application for an authorisation (“Priloga vloge za izdajo dovoljenja”), which indicates for each type of application which mandatory annexes must be attached.

The supporting documents must also comply with other conditions as set out in the Procedural Requirements and Use of Language.

To facilitate the completion of the authorisation application form, Instructions for filling in the Authorisation Application Form have also been prepared.


The safety authority shall issue the train driving license no later than one month after the application is complete.

When applying for a train driving licence, the applicant must pay an administrative fee of EUR 22.60, according to tariff groups 1 and 3 of the Administrative Fees Act, and the cost of producing the train driving licence (card + personalisation), which is EUR 31.63 (including VAT), in total EUR 54.23. The amount of EUR 54,23 must be paid by the applicant to the following transaction account No (IBAN): SI56 0110 0845 9569 077, BIC of the recipient’s bank: BSLJSI2X.

The decision of the safety authority may be appealed within 15 days of its notification to the second-instance authority: Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Infrastructure–Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo, Langusova ulica 4, 1535 Ljubljana. There is no right of appeal against the Ministry’s decision, but an administrative dispute can be brought.


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